The Importance of Bathroom Design

Designing your bathroom was once an afterthought, but now, it is probably the most important room in the house in terms of resale value after the kitchen. As we seek to make the most of precious downtime, its status has been raised. No longer driven by purely practical needs, many of us are renovating our bathrooms with relaxation and pampering in mind.

"If you're considering a bathroom refit, here's why you should put design considerations at the top of your plan." - All designers ever. 


Makes life easy

A well-designed bathroom provides an aesthetic appeal and durability. A bathroom in which good design principles are considered can make the space easier to clean and look after. By carefully choosing materials, wall finishes, flooring, countertops, and tap-wares, you can curate a space that gives you the required satisfaction and which you're happy to manage. 


A good bathroom design always takes a long-term approach; it balances both functionality and style. Choosing materials that are stylish and durable so that besides looking good, it can also deal with the moisture-rich environment. Yet a good design allows your bathroom to grow with you and adapt to any change over time.

Safe Space

Your bathroom can work as a sanctuary for you, as it allows you to forget about everything happening outside in the world. It can offer you that momentary space of solitude where you can sit, relax and unwind all the stresses of the day with a warm bath or a nice hot shower. It's probably the only room in your house where you can properly relax in a huge bubbling tub, with candles lit and peaceful music cued. The serenity and calm that it provides give many people the time to generate the best ideas while opening new creativity windows.


A well-designed, stylish bathroom is a great investment; it can increase the market value of your home. A bespoke bathroom in a house grabs the attention of potential home buyers. Always think of it as an investment that will pay you off in the long run, either for the comfort it will provide you or for the resale value of your home.

Refurbishing your bathroom is quite expensive and inconvenient, so it is better to start it with a perfect design to get it right the first time.

Bathroom's Tap Choices

Selecting the right bathroom taps is always worth taking time to consider. Taps can be of traditional or modern style to complement the overall look of your bathroom design.

Think about the finish and shape:

  • Stainless steel and chrome continue to be popular finishes, and they create a sparkling clean effect.
  • Black taps are always in trend, and they look striking against crisp white fittings.
  • To warm up your bathroom's look, choose brass, copper, bronze, or rose gold with a pinkish hue.


Final Words:

Your bathroom is a space designed to leave all your worries and troubles behind closed doors. It is a space solely designed for you in mind. Whether you want to develop a contemporary look that enables you to unwind and relax or a traditional look that oozes grandiosity and opulence by updating your tapware; our team would be happy to discuss your vision and articulate it.

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