How Much a Bathroom Renovation will Cost in New Zealand

This pandemic season has made us all bored with our home décor and interior, especially our bathrooms, which many of us usually ignore quite comfortably while renovating other parts of the home. If you have come to the point of giving your bathroom a complete makeover or a mini-one, then you must have a basic idea about the cost of different design decisions. The cost estimation helps us decide that either we should go for a complete change from scratch or a mini, but major updates like tapware would be enough for a terrific impact.

We have compiled some data about bathroom-ware products' key costs to better understand renovation either on a budget or luxury bathroom-ware.

Bathroom Estimate:

Living in New Zealand, a basic bathroom's revamp project can cost you around $20000.  The price variation depends on the area's size, the kind of fittings you're choosing, and the bathroom's overall design. The average cost can differ significantly depending on the material you select. Another important factor affecting the price is that if you're converting an area previously used for something else, into the bathroom, or just doing some transformations in the already made bathroom. In case of a complete room change, you will have to consider window, ventilation, plumbing, and waterproofing cost. But if you're in the process of renovating your old bathroom, then the cost of changing your tap-wares and tiles will be considered.

Another vital factor in a bathroom's refurbishment project is the cost of labor. You'll need to have a bathroom designer, plumber, electrician, water-proofer, tiler, plasterer, and painter. You can cut the cost by doing some of the work yourself; something simple like painting the walls can be easily learned through the internet, minimize the cost by doing such tasks yourself. But a thing to remember while cutting down on expenditures is that waterproofing, electricity work, and plumbing needs some regulations to check, so you'll have to hire a professional for these jobs.

Bathroom Renovation project cost in New Zealand

This general cost estimation will give you an idea about the kind of renovation you should opt for, for instance:

  • If you're looking for just an overall décor of your existing bathroom, it will cost you $5000.
  • If you're more into a basic bathroom renovation, which also includes new fixtures, it can cost you around $20,000.
  • If you're thinking of a mid-range bathroom renovation, including new fixture, then it can cost you around $30,000
  • If you want a complete detailed high-end renovation of your bathroom, including new fixtures, it can cost you $50,000+

Simple Changes

If you have a limited budget, then your secret weapon for creating a stylish bathroom is statement tapware. Often overshadowed by big-ticket items like vanities and bathtubs, tapware is now stepping into the spotlight to play an important role in the look and feel of a bathroom. You'll be surprised to see that you can create a huge impact in your bathroom by this easiest and affordable way of renovation. Not only the beautiful and luxurious tapware brings a new and fresh look to your bathroom, but it will also save you the money for the next couple of years on tap repairs. Decoration with tapware brings endless design possibilities; it can make or break the decor of your bathroom! Choosing the perfect tapware can add a layer of interest and style while creating a fresh look; on the other hand choosing the wrong tapware can stick out like a sore thumb.

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