9 Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

If you're thinking about your next bathroom renovation, reader beware. 
There are many hidden gotcha's that could end up delaying your project and adding unnecessary expenses. 

Here are some of our helpful tips, taken from years of being in the trade and many many renovations. We hope these will help you achieve your renovation dream both on time and on budget.

Good luck. 

9 Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes
  1. Trying to cram too much into your bathroom. Mirror cabinets are a great way to gain storage without taking up too much space.


  1. Changing your mind when the trades have already started. This is I good way to flush money down the toilet and potentially compromise the building integrity of the bathroom. Make a good plan before you start, take as many meetings as you need to get it right. When you hit go, please don’t change it!


  1. Plans and spec sheets ready for all your tradies. These help everyone, we are all human and forget things. If you have it all written down, you greatly minimize the chance of items being installed wrong.


  1. Take care of your tradies, and they will take care of you. It may surprise you, but there are some great tradies out there who take pride in their work, take care of those!


  1. Always have some backup money. You can get all the quotes in the world and have spreadsheets on everything, but some things don’t become evident till the work has begun, i.e. rotten floor joists.


  1. Not using a qualified tradie. I.e. a DIY tradie who talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. Always check their backgrounds, website, license, reviews and guarantees.


  1. Practical, you may be using this bathroom multiple times a day. It’s great to have a moody dark bathroom, but if you need to shave or put on makeup and can’t see your face, this is only going to frustrate you.


  1. Make sure you have storage. Please make sure you think about what you want to put in your new bathroom and make a plan for it.


  1. Get all guarantees in writing.


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Ten Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

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